Serene Tea Musings

Half a mug of water ,freshly set on the stove,

one spoon of dehydrated leaves ,mixed with the water above,

boiled a while ,and topped up with milk , turns into a concoction called tea

What would my world be without Tea ? Sometimes when I think about it, I feel glad that I didn’t exist before tea was discovered! If the world does come to an end when I’m alive, I always hope it expires after tea time.

I enjoy a lot over a cup of tea. This beverage is a perfect preparation that goes with with any of my moods. It soothes my nerves when I’m exhausted, livens my world up when I’m depressed, calms me down when I’m all heated up , and makes me warmer to the world when I’m feeling cold and bitter inside.

Couch potatoes like me enjoy warm summer sunshine falling on our shoulders with a cup of fresh , strong  tea on the balcony accompanied by a newspaper or book, plants, pigeons, crows, and squirrels  to ponder over.

Nothing goes better with petrichor than tea .Steam coming out of a hot cup of tea, and the sight of raindrops, beautiful and calming ,falling pitter patter  on dry soil are an awesome twosome combination. Each drop of rain, each sip of tea takes me on a voyage of memories . Fond, bitter-sweet memories of tea enjoyed with a few close people. Some memories under the sun, some under the stars, some huddled in a tea shop by the road side, drenched from head to toe. Some,over gossip  on a dining table, some on a balcony, Some bringing smiles, some tears, but each passing memory fonder than the other.

Winter mornings make me lazy. I hate to wash my face in the ice cold water that comes out of the tap early in the mornings.  These mornings made enjoyable when my palms , cold from touching ice cold water, feel the warmth of a tea mug pulsing through them. As I lift the hot mug up to my lips they savor another sip of hot , bitter , sinful tea , made tastier with the taste of ginger, cardomom, and other herbs

The alarm clock gets me out of bed every morning,and books put me to sleep every night. But tea, sinful, orangeish red, tea is what makes me feel complete. A day that does not start with tea always is dull, groggy, irritable and sleepy. My exhausted mind  after nine hours of software laboring  followed by a long travel home waits to be treated to the calm bestowed on it with my first sip of evening tea , and unwinds with my eyes drinking in the sights of orange-red skies to accompany it.  Tea delivers pure bliss and pleasurable things . It is a reminder of all that is good , all that is beautiful in this world.

3 thoughts on “Serene Tea Musings

  1. Tea for us in India is a rich man poor man drink commonly known as Chai. When Starbucks entered India people wondered whether it was a wise move in a tea drinking nation. But Staarbucks was smart and included ‘chai’ in the menu 🙂

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