Dear Ma

Dear Ma,
Remember that day, when I found a condom in Appa’s bag, and innocently asked you “Amma , whats a condom? Can I open it and see what it looks like?” I think of your reaction everyday now and have a good laugh.

How I hated you then ! The Little me didn’t realize that we would grow up to be best friends .

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I Miss You, My Friend!!

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As I was browsing through my mailbox after a long tiring day, the second mail made me pause for a minute.. It was a mail from Networked Blogs.. “Morning News with  Nita Roy”  the subject read.It took me back in time for a bit.

Nita … my once good friend in school . We met when I was in the second standard and she, the third. Out here in Bangalore during the 90’s , we had a system of “auto rickshaws” taking us to school . One auto rickshaw would carry as much as 10-15 children, and cater to specific areas of the city.

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