Stora delsjön

Stora delsjön or delsjön lake is  located in a nature reservoir that is very close to Göteborg (Sweden). If you ever happen to visit the city on a business trip on a very short duration,and love nature, you don’t have to travel too far to get here.

It is one of the lesser known places among tourists to the city. A local might be able to guide you on how to reach there better. I found out about delsjön while browsing on a short business trip, and just decided to go there in a fraction of a second . I didn’t regret it. The place gave me one of the most peaceful experiences I had.


The place can be reached by taking tram number 5 towards Torp. You will have to get off at Topelsgatan , and walk about 2 –3 kilometers to the lake. Sunset looks beautiful out here. So does the reflection of the moon on water after it gets dark !


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