Quick and hurried loses the race

Walking down a footpath today near my house, lost in thought, I tripped over a step and suddenly, found my whole body lying on the footpath. I looked around, and nobody had noticed.

In an attempt to apply the “Life goes on and so must I” philosophy that is so often preached, I quickly picked myself up and started hurrying homeward. Hundred meters into my hurried journey, I suddenly felt faint. Looking around for support, I found that I was right in front of a gate, and held on to it for dear life.  The honks, beeps, and voices of passers by were suddenly a daze… I held tighter,breathing deeply to no avail, and ended up on the floor again. Yet again, I tried to pick myself up in vain.  Everything was just fading and getting darker. A man in a red shirt, walked up to my body on the floor, held my hand .. and asked .. “What happened ?” I tried really hard, but couldn’t answer. Everything was going black. For a moment, I rejoiced . I  have always wanted to die on or before I reached 50 years of age, and (this is the important part) it had to happen while I was sleeping. I was on the floor.. on my back.. (you could say sleeping), and everything was a daze. I was probably dying. Then a man with a helmet approached and asked whether some water would help “Yes please” , I said slurrily. After I dunked in a glass of water , I was able to bring myself up to a sitting position, and laughed at myself (typically me!) while explaining to the two samaritans how I fell down a hundred meters before this. Eventually, I got dropped home by the man in red I described earlier. He was an auto driver, and charged me no money (Goodness still lives. God bless his soul, and may his tribe increase). Slow and steady wins the race , it is said.  I actually had no reason to hurry and could have given myself a little more time to gather and get a hold of my brain instead of quickly getting up after my first fall. I made a mental note promising to correct myself if I was ever in the same situation again.

As I entered home, I went down on all four knees and said a silent prayer– apologizing if I had ever ignored anyone in such need ever in my own life, and asked the universe to make me aware and sensitive enough to the needs of other people always. The fact that I was unconscious for a few tiny minutes didn’t matter much to me. What shook me up, is this- Had I switched roles with even one of the “others” on the road, would I have noticed someone falling? I would have helped if I did notice, but would I have noticed?  The very thought left me feeling even more frail and weaker, with a resolve to try and be more aware of others’ situations in life, always. All’s well that ends well. At the end of the day , I’m alive and blessed to be so


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