Que Sera Sera (Whatever will be, will be !)

We all have that one person who with just one look, text, or call makes everything better.

One look  at the concerned person, One word from him/her or even a text and all the problems in your world will seem to disappear into thin air

Some of us have that person (Women would call the concerned person their knight is shining armor!)

Some of us .. don’t.

I love watching the drama that enfolds when people enquire about my age, marital status, and what my husband does, and receive a response saying I’m 30 and divorced.

Aunty X : “Ayyayo aiyo- Why did this have to happen to such a good girl from such an honourable family ? “

(Uff aunty, why are you crying ? Did somebody die?)

Aunty Y: “Send me the horoscope. My friend’s aunty’s sister’s aunty’s son’s son is divorced too”

(One “perfect horoscope” leading to a divorce was not enough? Why Aunty, are you willing to spend all that money for my wedding again ?Just give me that money, I’ll invest it into a flat !)

Mama Z : “Don’t even ask her. Just send us her horoscope. She doesn’t have the guts to say no to her Mama”.

(Hello !! I exist !  Can you call me up instead of Dad and talk to me please ? I have a list of questions you need to answer first !)

Just as I’m about snatch the phone away from my poor, helpless ,father who is caught between his friends/relatives and me, I remember a quote by a dear friend  “They do all of this because they love you.. Because they care !Just remember this and you’ll be able to laugh everything off immediately !” And my urge to give everyone a piece of my mind vanishes.

People know me  as  a “good, obedient  girl” from a “good family”. On the contrary, I realize, I’ve turned into a Pochemuchka who  questions any Tom , Dick, and Harry who seem metathesiophobic .

What if the hospital I (or the men they’re talking about) was born in had a clock that was running five minutes late? The horoscope in context will then have a wrong time imprinted on it, and all hell might just break loose, and that too,  in my life, not theirs  ! Is there a sort of “Marriage insurance” that astrology or astrologers provide to handle this problem?  I want to ask them..the question is at the tip of my tongue.

But before anything else can happen, Dad quietly jumps to my support “Thanks. We are not interested right now”.

Once Dad and me are left  to ourselves, I bombard him with all the questions I wanted to ask then:

“How do they know that astrology yields correct results?  Do astrologers provide insurance ? You should’ve asked them !”

“It’s a science by itself, beta.. It doesn’t behove us to question it”.

“Who’s questioning the science? I’m just asking if there is a way to verify whether what the astrologer predicts is true !  What if the hospital I was born in had a clock that ran five minutes fast ? Going by the time mentioned in my horoscope then, all hell will break loose. What do you loose ? My life will go for a toss !”

Dad  begins to laugh.

Yes. I’m thirty.

I’m Divorced Single .

But contrary to popular belief, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with the way my life is right now.

No, No ! Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not homosexual. I’m straight. And virgin too .

No, I have no regrets. I don’t miss so called “marital bliss” at all. (I’d call it hell, not bliss).

I have no negative feelings either. Nothing for or against anybody..

I don’t need to pay money to a counsellor to “feel good about myself”.I really love myself more than anybody else !

When I look back at the two months of the so called marital bliss  hell I went through, I keep  ROFL’ing  till tears come to my eyes. Some of the experiences I had in a typical arranged marriage seem that funny now.  Back then,though, it seemed like all hell broke loose.

I’ve realized that I come from a background that is a little different from normal. Its not every where  that you’ll find a perfect mix of liberalism and spiritualism . Hardly anyone in this country encourages asking questions about our religion and culture, and I’m grateful to belong to one of the families that does not consider this as a sin. So what if I’m single ? It’s not the end of the world.

I don’t need your sympathies because I’m not sorry for what has happened. I appreciate the fact that you care, but I’m against arranged marriages now.

I’m not willing to just be anybody’s baby manufacturing factory until I’m convinced about the man in context being worth it .

What is meant to be , will be. If I’m meant to experience Forelsket , I will .

Don’t get me wrong .  I’m not saying no to commitment at all. Commitment is .. whatchamacallit .. pious to me . All I’m saying is that  I need  to find the right person. If it’s meant to happen, it will . But if it isn’t meant to  – Life is beautiful the way it is anyway! I don’t have the time to cry over the fact that it isn’t meant to be.

Note: A lot of this is  an exaggerated account of what really happens. Some of it is fact and some , fiction.  I don’t question the science of astrology. I’m Just questioning if there is a less riskier way of verifying the authenticity of its predictions rather than what I call the “Just blindly believe , wait and watch” approach.

4 thoughts on “Que Sera Sera (Whatever will be, will be !)

  1. Too many thoughts running through my mind to comment now. But will come back to comment when I have can put my thoughts in words in a coherent way.

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