A tree’s call for help

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My name is Uncle Coco . I am a  coconut tree., who spent my childhood in the corner of a forest  along with many other trees. Over time, a lot of my friends were killed to serve the needs of mankind. I, who  once stood in the middle of a forest, now stand at the corner
of a garden of a home. I was saved from being killed ,since my  being present in the garden of a home is considered auspicious in parts of South India. The house I live in is run by an old lady- Jayamma.  She lives here along with her Son, Daughter in law and granddaughter. The old lady is really sweet, about 5 inches in height, with long, black, graying hair. She gives me and the other plants in her garden a lot of care. When she and her husband moved in here, I was the lone tree on this plot. It is due to her insistence that a garden has grown around this house. It feels good  to live with humans  like this wanting to co-exist with us plants, rather than kill us by cutting us down. Very few people understand how useful we can be, and only keep cutting us down to make space for themselves  . I live here with a lot of other friends that  Jayamma  has planted in her garden . She uses the fruit that I bear for her cooking . A little  man , whom Jaymma calls “Mali” comes once in 4 months to climb my entire length, pluck my fruit and give it to Jayamma which she distributes to all her relatives for use in their daily food .  My two best friends are the Hibiscucs tree and the Curry leaf plant in our garden . Jayamma uses leaves of the hibiscus tree  as a conditioner for her long , graying hair. She also uses Curry Leaf for her daily cooking. Along with us, she has a tree of Magnolia Champaca, and trees of Nerium, whose flowers she offers to god every day during her daily prayers.Jayammas grand daughter has a special corner for me in her heart, and waters me every day . I love scaring her by suddenly throwing my fruit down when she passes by  😛 Over all these years, I have seen Jayamma  grow old and weak . She now  finds it difficult to walk properly , and always needs support . Her body  is slowly wearing out. I overheard  a few days back that her family is planning to sell this house off  and move to a smaller house for easier maintenance.  That is when  I realized that my life is coming to an end, as is Jayammas. I have this hunch that tells me that this house will be sold off to build a more commercial office space. If that happens, I know I will be cut down , along with my two best friends.  I am keeping my fingers crossed , and hoping against hope that we find another owner like Jayamma. I have heard about environmental campaigns run by humans against cutting trees. Will you please help me reach out to such an organization who can help me save my life?

This post is a part of  Write Over the Weekend,  an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

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