What If ….?

Of late, I’ve been pondering over this thought that struck me as I was reading my novel one day… Looking around me as i went out for a stroll, I realized that were always being bombarded with information / rules/ events that we do not choose to be bombarded with most of the time .. and I wondered  … What If nobody taught you anything?

What If, at birth (or after) we were not “taught”  about religion, rituals, spirituality, or what we call “Society” ? What would the child grow up to be? Would he/she follow the routines we do everyday? Would he/she  have the same beliefs that we have in the name of “Religion” ? What is it that we, as humans need to survive or rather, function in this world? Just a code of conduct, right?

How is it that so many religions exist today? Well probably different  parts of the world had different civilizations…each of them had their own social needs, thus giving rise to different “codes of conduct”, thus giving rise to varied “Cultures”.. But then Why, for instance, did Buddhism and Jainism have to originate from India when Hinduism already existed there?

Personally I think the practice of what we call “Rituals” or “Culture” today  came into picture because of the needs of society that existed centuries back ..  History has it that India’s oldest ancestors.. the Aryans, were a “thinking” civilization.. A lot of the “Rituals” we practice today in India have been established by them . As they evolved as a civilization, they have documented what they felt was right to be practised during their time .

It is known that with time, Civilizations progress . .As generations pass, the needs of society keep changing (as they do today also) . Few people realized this, and out of each of their thoughts, applicable to the society/people that existed then , religions were founded

Any of us Indians who have read a little bit of history, would know that our country is a place where so many religions have been founded / absorbed. What we, as humans , need to survive, is just a sort of code of conduct.. Each of the founders of what we today call “religion” aimed at providing this.. a code of conduct he/she thought best  applicable to the kind of society that existed when the “religion” was founded. What’s surprising is that these people had the Vision to think so far that many (not all) of the things they preached are applicable to society even today…

So, that said..What have we turned into today? We, as a nation have also progressed with time.  The needs of our society, as it evolved have also changed. Do  all the rules of conduct, documented by these thinkers, apply now as they applied then ?  Surely yes, some of them do. Like It makes sense to visit a temple/church/mosque/gurudwara when feeling low because these edifices are supposed to be constructed at points where the positive energy from the earth’s electric and magnetic wave distributions.  But How many of us actually think logically before blindly following what was documented by these thinkers in the name of “Religion”? Does all of what was documented then, apply today? Does it make sense to just Blindly follow what our ancestors did like for eg: the caste system, prohibition of intercaste marriages?

Unfortunately today it seems like the system or society has very few such “thinkers” . Right from birth, before we even learn to speak… We are taught how to pray .. How to perform pujas…  Go to church every Sunday … Namaz every Friday… Dont look at a broken mirror… House facing the south is bad… Do we actually spend time thinking on which of these points are applicable to society as is today? Why are we educated? Is this system right?

4 thoughts on “What If ….?

  1. I don’t think it makes sense to blindly follow anyone. I think the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and society, is to look deep inside and find our own truth of being. Ultimately it is the same for every human being – just being, just simple awareness.
    I can see you exploring and questioning how the world is for you as you write. What an excellent process.

  2. The problem starts with intolerance. The moment we shun equality and start talking about cultural superiority, we are in troubled waters. I wonder at times how this country would have ended up if partition had never happened. More dead bodies or less?

    • First of all.. Thank you for reading through this 6+ month old post that introduced me to this blogging world ! 🙂 . All these thoughts were pent up within me for very long and I don’t know why I just decided one day to put them down here instead of a personal diary when my frustration reached its peak.

      Coming to cultural superiority, Yes, some aspects of what we call “culture” here are really good to have, but some other aspects are actually worth laughing at .

      When I look at the way people so blindly become intolerant of one another’s habits in the name of “tradition” or “religion”, even I sometimes wonder if the partition was for good or bad.

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