Athiest or Agnostic ?

Scene:  At a holy pilgrimage place , 6 years back

Me: “Do we really have to do this? Wouldn’t visiting the temple at RT Nagar suffice?”

Mom: I prayed and promised the lord that I would bring you here once you graduated and got yourself a job”

Me: (Sigh)How does being pushed and shoved in a maddening crowd for  hours on end make sense when the same thing can be achieved at home ? Anyways ,lets finish it if it makes you happy

Five hours later, Mom & me had lost track of each other in the aggravating mob amidst a lot of pushing and shoving. We were fully prepared for this to happen, and had decided to meet outside the temple in such a scenario. Conversation continues after we meet outside:

Me(irritant):  “Where on earth did you disappear?

Mom(sad tone) :  I wasn’t even able to see the lord! I was too busy arguing with the boy scout who was pushing me  and shouting at me, asking me to move ahead!

Me(amused): “Amma look !  A little boy is peeing there in the corner !!”

Mom(shocked at the scene) – “What has the world come to ?He is peeing and his parents are happily watching him!”

We hadn’t even gotten out of the temple premises.

Six years later- Mr. Vijay Mallya donates 3 kg gold to a holy temple. Everyone rants and raves. The  media  is filled with breaking news / articles about “How Mr. Mallya donated 3kg gold and hasn’t paid his staff”. The whole of India is busy criticizing him

You go on the same pilgrimage.

You spend any amount between INR 500 to 5000 per ticket.

Depending on the amount you have paid to the temple authorities, You either

  • spend endless hours amidst a maddening crowd, getting pushed and shoved for a less than ten second view of your lord
  • get to go and watch the temple authorities perform a special Pooja.

You spend an extra amount of INR 100- 500 to get Prasad for your office colleagues.

You eat Prasad , hunt for your shoes,  and step out of the temple . A beggar approaches you, but you choose to ignore  him.

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What makes you so different from Mr. Vijay Mallya? Why does he need to change his habits when you can’t change yours? If you had donated even half that money to an orphanage or a beggar, it might have bought them/him one day of food.No wonder, visitors to India find our country to possess a sort of “Dual Nature” !

Someone once taught me  to find God in every person who greets me and within myself.  It makes more sense to  donate all that money to my servant who comes to help us with the household chores every evening rather than spend it on a 10 second view of an idol(not to forget – watch a little boy peeing :)). It would help her buy food for her family of ten plus people for at least  five or ten days.

Am I atheist? No, I believe I’m agnostic!

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7 thoughts on “Athiest or Agnostic ?

  1. these are nothing but culture and trends without logical explanations and blind faith developed due to fear in God with the advent of time. Its not that things we do are illogical be it in any religion but ages have passed by nobody bothered explaining WHY we do something ? and nobody dared asking . Result is rift between logical thinkers and God fearing groups ! Nice post !
    Well, rich are too scared to mess around with God !! Hence they pay their share of safety assuring money to God ..they are not scared of orphans and poverty .. why will they help them ?

    • I’m so sorry I couldn’t reply to your comment earlier :!! Its weird that people are ready to “bribe” god and turn a blind eye to the sufferings of people around us. Though I have to say that there are many aspects of our culture that makes me think about how far thinking our ancestors were, It seems to me like lot of what we do in the name of culture doesnt make sense at all in today’s times !! I visit temples too, but hate bribing God 🙂

  2. the problem is God is considered that someone who’d fulfil all your dreams and wishes. Visiting temple is not wrong, but with an intention of getting something is the problem. The day the prasad and temple will be thought of just an inspiration to become a better person by looking at God and his qualities, you’d not see so many people in there. So lets not shrug off the importance of temple, but yah I agree going in the maddening crowd might not serve the purpose. What can we say, the person you ought to change first is yourself.

    • Temples, Churches, Mosques, or whatever are scientifically constructed at places where the density of the Earth’s energy obtained from its electrical and magnetic fields . No intention to shrug off their importance, but rather than travel so far with an intention of “getting wishes fulfilled”, it makes more sense to visit a temple closer to home ! the science is the same !! 🙂

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