Virtually Your’s

“Is he kidding?” Aditi thought.

“He probably doesn’t know what he’s saying”  she thought again. “He must be borraccha!”

“But men speak the truth when they’re drunk !”

“We’ve never even met. What if he doesn’t  find me attractive enough?” asked she

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, girl … You never know !”

“I look like a hippo. He looks like … Ummmm watchamacallit…thin and tall   .. like a giraffe maybe?”

“Hippo weds Giraffe .. Ha ha ! He deserves something better! How can I be a good match ?”

“Your souls connect ! Could it get any better? Stop lying to yourself , Aditi.. You’re not that bad looking ! ”

“But I’m too emotionally weak now ! Can really I afford this ?”

Her knees went weak. This couldn’t be happening now ! Why hadn’t it happened six years back ? She knew this would happen one day !

They were “virtual friends” .  Six years ago, they were consultants for the same firm, based out of different locations .

On looking back at the years, she realized that they talked about everything under  the sun .They shared great camaraderie and spoke about everything. From cooking to music and office politics – they shared a lot of experiences and feelings.

Six years ago, when their  friendship moved to “social media” from “corporate media” , the first email that reached her had the words-

Hello Aditi ji,

It’s a pleasure to be talking to you – You rarely get people around with whom you can connect so easily.



She smiled as she looked at them today, and fondly remembered her reaction to that e- mail. “How nice it would be to have a life partner like this !”  As the thought struck her, she chided herself for being so silly. For gods sake, they were “just friends!”

“Is this me ?”

“Do I have a crush on him ? Is he my first love ?”

“Me ? And a crush ? Thats impossible !”  Aditi laughed as she made herself dinner  that night .

“Lets see what this leads to ! Let’s just go with the flow, shall we ?”


That was six years back.Their “virtual friendship” had actually lasted that long. They never chatted everyday.But whenever they did.. they enjoyed a long one.

Her heart went aflutter whenever they chatted back then.

“He’s just a friend”.. she had to keep reminding herself.

“Dont get carried away. He might not even reciprocate”


Six years later, he asked if they could try it together.

She was confused for a bit.

“He was just a friend. Wasn’t he?”

“Stop lying to yourself, Aditi!”

“Meet him first !”

Her heart told her that this was worth a try. What was life without risks anyway?


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