Gabbar’s adventures in the UAE

Why is the cage slipping down all of a sudden?? Oh, it looks like we’re going to be landing soon !! Finally! I can’t wait to get out of this cage!! Oh… by the way.. I’m Gabbar. I’m an Indian dog , and belong to the dachshund breed . You know..the short, stout kinds? My master Ravi moved with his family to Dubai. Some city in UAE. Ravi is married to Riya. They also have a son Nitin who I consider to be my best friend. Nitin and I are of the same age. We’re like brothers . Best friends . Like Calvin and Hobbes. I love pouncing on him and licking him all over when he comes back from school.

Oh it looks like we’ve landed!! My bladders are bursting!! All I need now is the tire of a car to tinkle on. I wonder what this new city would be like? I can’t wait to go on my daily walks with Nitin. He is about 10 years of age. Ouch !! Watch it man !! Sorry .. that was some guy who just threw my cage onto a black thing that goes round and round . Like one of those things Indian humans call “Merry Go Rounds” . He threw my cage down so hard that my head hit against ceiling. Its spinning now.
Hmm so while I enjoy the merry go round ride, let me just have a look around and see if I can spot Nitin. People here seem to have a very funny sense of dressing !! Some of the human men are wearing these long, white robes covering them from top to bottom. I can spot a lot of people who dress up like humans did in India. If they’re Indians, I’m sure at least some of them would have brought their pets along. I kept wondering what I would do to entertain myself without my dog friends. The best amongst my dog friends was Snoopy. Together, we’ve had a lot of adventures. We particularly enjoyed chasing cars that wenrtspeeding past us when we were together.
Oh there he is !! Nitin is finally here with Ravi to pick me up !! I’ve never been picked up before. I feel like a celebrity !! Woof Woof !! Get me out soon man !! My bladders burst!!
At last , they’ve picked me up ! But I want to get out of my cage, meet new dogs and most importantly, find a tire to tinkle on first ! “HEY!! Woof Woof!! Get me out, will ya?” It looks like no one loves me any more! All of my barking is just going in vain.

(Boy whispering) “Hang in there Gabbar !! We can get you out once we’re home. these biscuits”. While I munch at the biscuits, I’m looking for a dog friend to spend time with and entertain myself. People seem to drive cars at lightning speed in this country! Every one is speeding past us ! Im enjoying the ride. But how will I chase cars, barking at them ? Its my favourite sport. If I practise doing that here, I’ll probably just get run over ! Hmph !
This country is brown all around. Full of sand…No grass at all ! How am I going to play ball with Nitin ? Where are the dogs ? There seem to be none in sight ! Forget the dogs, I can’t see cows or cats also ! Is this an animal free country ? Is Nitin going to put me into a zoo ? Or a forest ? Oh no !!
Ravi has now stopped the car. He and Nitin are going to have lunch. But I’ll have to do with biscuits. It seems the rules of this country don’t allow pets in restaurants. Nitin just told me that. Hmph ! Go figure ! I feel like a prisoner now ! I cant tinkle as freely as I used to before. I cant eat as freely , and neither can I play my favourite sport !I hope Im allowed to bark atleast! Freedom of barking is a basic right we dogs should get everywhere !!
A car has pulled up next to ours. The couple sitting in it look Indian. At least the man does. Ravi and Nitin are back with their parcel of lunch. They better have a good share of meat in it for me ! Im famished ! We’ve started moving towards home. This place is full of tall buildings. Really tall ones. Taller than the Imperial Towers of Mumbai . There are hardly any trees around.
We have now finally pulled over in the driveway of our new home. I am now safe in Nitin’s hands. I’m glad to be into his safe, warm hands, and start licking him all over. Wait a minute, who’s that dog in the girl’s hand there? Yayy !! It looks like I’ve found a play mate ! Nitin and the girl are talking to each other. “HEY!! Put me down man !! I need to stretch my legs !! “
We’re now in the elevator. Nitin and the girl pressed 19. Okay, so we live on the 19th floor . Play mate and me are neighbours ! “ What have you named him ?” Nitin is asking the girl.. referring to play mate “Tiger. I just took him for a stroll.. What..”. We’ve now reached the 19th floor. I gathered from Tiger that there’s a beach close by. We decided to convince our owners to take us there together. We can play ball while they entertain each other.
Nitin is ringing the doorbell. The moment Riya opened the door, I licked her all over. Licking is a dogs way of expressing love. Im sure shes cooked something special for me! (apart from my share of meat and bones in the lunch parcel , of course!!). “Nitin beta, take him out for a stroll , will you ? Hes sniffing all around.” Nitin has put me on a leash now(I hate it!). We have reached a lonely subdued lane that has a few cars parked here and there. I found a tree smelling nice.Finally after all these hours, I attended nature’s call.
A car is zooming past us. Nitin is holding onto my leash sternly, and not letting me run after it .. Hmph ! So much for a new country ! I think Im beginning to hate this place !!


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