My best friend’s wedding

On Valentine’s day , at early morn,

My best friend united with her swain.

As I regret not being there,

My little heart says a little prayer.

I pray for them both as their souls unite

And wish that their union be happy,

Their futures bright.

God, say I, my eyes closed,

My dear friend has a heart of gold.

She’s one of the truest friends I have,

I thank you for bringing her into my life!

My thoughts then took me back to the day,

When she told me about a man in gray.

His family had asked for her hand in matrimony,

That man, had now become her “honey”

I smiled, as my mind recalled,

The good old times we spent – me and this friend

We were seven friends who met in grade eleven,  we were in the same class,

This friend lived close by, we met on the bus.

I laughed as my mind then dwelled upon,

Us seven friends, and our essay on   “Veerappan”.

I fondly remembered us cycling to cubbon park,

Her falling down there and becoming  the laughing stalk

That little girl, this friend of mine,

Was now a woman, a glowing bride  !

A sincere friend, she was always there,

Whether to laugh with, cry to or to care

Her marriage I looked forward to, but had to miss,

She knows the reason, I wish for her wedded bliss.

This friend of mine, told me right from wrong,

May she be granted the courage to face every storm.

Tomorrow is the wedding reception of my friend so dear.

As I get my clothes ready, I say a little prayer,

May she be happy always, and never despair.

A prayer like this wont work , I know,

For all our lives are filled with seasons of summer, fall and snow.

So I change my prayer a little, and wish

For her to be granted with this –

The patience to hold on and smile during trying times,

The maturity to be grateful for happy times,

A partner who loves her for what she is,

And finally lots of wedded bliss!


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