A little letter to little me


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

As a young girl, I was often very shy . More of an introvert then, I was often compared with my friends/ cousins because they were a lot “smarter / sophisticated” than I was. Not a fighter by nature , my face would grow small, and I would quietly sit in a corner .On such occasions, my grandfather, who used to be my best friend, would often walk up to me , and exclaim – “You look charming , young lady!!”.  Happy and cheerful to have at least one person love me for being simply me, I would happily skip away to play hopscotch.  Now, that I’m grown up, I realize what he was thinking – that it’s important to let kids just be what they want to be .  You trying to mould them into what you want them to be will just result in them rebelling  against everything and going the wrong way. Let them fail sometimes so that they learn to take life’s failures in their stride. It’s important to teach them to get up once they fall instead of just lying there and complaining. It took me twenty something years to  learn how to love myself and realize that you are what you think you are- and start giving a damn  about what others think of me or my decisions. If only I had realized earlier ! :). But hey, better late than never I guess!!

That being said, this is a little letter to little 10 year old me. More of a note to self for future reference!! 🙂

Hello Little Me,

How you doing little baby? I’m just writing in to say “Hi” ! How is your throat doing after the tonsillitis operation? You must be freaking out on ice creams day and night if I know you right!! Freak out! Get pampered by as many elders as you can!!

Your Christmas holidays must have started!!  Are you enjoying them?  I’m sure you must be off to play after breakfast, back just in time for lunch, and a couple of hours later, off to play again!! BLISS man!! I sometimes feel jealous looking at you!!

So, are you ready with your New Year resolutions?  Let the  first one be to resolve to stick by these words:

Whatever you are, be that

Whatever you do, be true

In fact- be nobody else

But you!!

OK… i won’t bore you anymore!! I was looking through your pictures the other day.. And I simply have  to tell you that pink and red skirt that you wore on your birthday really suited you !!  It was stitched by your dad on the sewing machine you guys have at home right? Cool Dads like this are hard to find!! Little pleasures like wearing that dress and listening to bed time stories are memories that you will carry for a long time !!

Last time we spoke, you were making a sand castle on a heap of sand that was lying in front of your home. Did it come out well? Do you still go around puncturing cycle tires outside the park near your home? Don’t get to naughty at least during Christmas or Santa will get unhappy!!  You told me your tooth was shaking the last time you wrote.. By now, it must’ve fallen off, and the tooth fairy must’ve left you a gift.. What was it?? I’m curious to know!!  Your cousins must be visiting you for Christmas now. Are you enjoying your “moon light” dinners with them? I can see you running to the door , racing against them to see who reaches your dad first to get a ride on his scooter when he comes from office.Run slow baby!! don’t get hurt!!

Write to me more often. Im still waiting to know what gift the tooth fairy gave you!!

Lots of love,

Big Me

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

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