Dreams for sale !!!A dream fulfilled for 10 bucks or less.. Any takers?

Dreams for sale!!  A dream fulfilled for 10 bucks or less!!

How nice it would be….. pay a little… and all dreams fulfilled…

What would you buy if there was such a sale?? I started making my list which, among a lot of other things, contained :

  • Re- live  a few moments of my past probably (Who wouldn’t want to correct your past mistakes?)
  • Set off on a backpacking   trip to Leh, and enjoy watching the snow capped mountains from there
  • A sky diving package


And the list went on and on…never ending … just went on and on

But wait..What next?  Now that all dreams have been fulfilled, what would I live for?  Would life be as fun as it is now, with all its ups and downs, if all your dreams got fulfilled so easily , with you having to put no effort at all ? All I’d do then is save money to buy my dreams… Would such a  life be really worth living ?   Would I cherish the moment where I witnessed my dreams coming true, as I do today, if I “bought” their turning into reality ? Or would life just be taken for granted ?  The dreams could be as materialistic as wanting to watch a movie tomorrow with my best friends  , or wanting to enjoy a little chat with them over wine and dinner. It could be as big as wanting to heal the world of all its poverty ,as unrealistic as wanting to re-live “parts” of my past with a different attitude, or as little as wanting to watch the sun set  in Leh,by myself,  with no one around to disturb me


All of my life’s beauty would be lost if I didn’t do all I could to make my dreams come true .  Life, in itself, would be taken for granted .

Life as I live it would be satisfying only if I have something to look forward to or work towards everyday… That something could be anything.. a smile to return to at home, or a trip to Leh after 6 months .Probably that’s what my dreams provide me with – a reason  to celebrate the fact that I’m alive, work towards achieving them and take life  with all it has to offer, good or bad  in my stride…

So that’s what it is. My dreams are necessary for me to “Live” or be satisfied with life. Some of them need to be shattered into pieces for better ones to take their place. Some of them , with time and action , turn into reality. From this action, some more dreams take birth.  This interdependence of dreams on reality and reality on dreams makes life worth living.

Imagining dreams being turned on sale  like this, in itself seems to be an unrealistic dream  🙂 .  If everything in the world could be bought so easily, we would have nothing left to live for!

3 thoughts on “Dreams for sale !!!A dream fulfilled for 10 bucks or less.. Any takers?

  1. I hope you get to Leh. (I’d like to go there myself). I hope your dreams come true. But my biggest “dream” for you is that you discover that dreams are not needed to be filled with the wonder of this special moment right now. This moment is a blessing in itself.

    Thank you so much for following my blog. I hope you enjoy it. For a while the posts will be about your wonderful country, and then will move on to other countries as we keep travelling.

    • Hi Alison!! Thanks for dropping by ! 🙂

      Exactly my point also.. Be thankful that this moment exists, all else will fall into place automatically 🙂

      Look forward to seeing more of your posts as you travel around!!

      • Yes, you’re so right. All else does fall into place the more we appreciate what is, right now. It’s a sweet world.

        Looking forward to more of your posts as well.

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